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Table of Contents


Chapter 1. Bible
The Bible and the spiritualist J. Greber
Studying books equals the Bible study?

Chapter 2. Teaching about God and the Holy Spirit
Who and what is God and does He stay on the Pleiades?
The Trinity
The Holy Spirit

Chapter 3. Teaching about Christ
Jesus Christ
Worship of Jesus and prayer to Him
Ransom and mediation of Jesus
The Resurrection of Christ - what happened with the body of Jesus?

Chapter 4. Teaching about angels and satan
Archangels and fallen angels

Chapter 5. Teaching about man
Immortal soul

Chapter 6. Teaching about salvation
Earthly class i.e. “other sheep”
Number of folds
Heaven and heavenly classes
Resurrection of man

Chapter 7. The organization and its practices
“The faithful and discreet servant” and biblical titles of C.T. Russell and anointed ones Organization as the “ark” and “mother”
Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses
The Elijah and Elisha Classes
Coordinator and elders in congregations and branch committees
Changes in the names of organizations and journals
Images, illustrations, portraits and logo of The Watchtower
Who was and who is a Jehovah’s Witness?
“Dedication to God” or “consecration”?
Memorial and love feasts
Service meetings
Kingdom Halls
Singing songs, songbooks and saying the Lord’s Prayer
Morals of Jehovah’s Witnesses
Polygamy, celibacy and childlessness
Character development
The entrance to God’s rest
Beard and clothes Disfellowshiping and prayer for the disfellowshiped
Preaching and using radio and phonographs
Pioneers and preaching for hours
Jehovah’s Witnesses and medicine

Chapter 8. Christianity, its traditions and holidays
Babylon the Great
“The Man of Sin”
Mary and the birth pangs
Brothers of Jesus
The keys of Peter and his presence in Rome
The saints of the Old and New Testaments
The cross and the upright stake

Chapter 9. The attitude towards the state, “the world” and Israel
Flag, patriotism and demonstrations
Military and alternative service
Superior authorities
Carrying weapons and the use of violence
Tobacco, drugs and gambling
Secondary and higher education
Birthdays and name days
“The olive tree”
The human race and racism
Who is a “brother in Christ”?

Chapter 10. Bible prophecies
Announcements of Armageddon, taking of believers to heaven and other events
The Beast of Revelation 17:8
Beth-Sarim and expectation for the faithful of the Old Testament
Chronology and Adam’s creation
The last days
“Gentile times”
2300 evenings and mornings
Inspection on the earth and coming to the temple
Jubilee of the earth
“Few years”
King of the north and king of the south
“Millions Now Living Will Never Die!”
“Abomination of desolation”
Railway train, airplane and other equipment
Various explanations of ‘numerical’ prophecies
“This generation”
The Great Pyramid
“Gathering desirable things of all the nations”
“Signs from heaven”
The harvest of the earth
“The gnashing of teeth” of false Christians
Great Britain as the seventh world power (Daniel 2:31-45 and Revelation 17:10)
Types and antitypes
Who is the antitype of Naboth (1 Kings 21)

Chapter 11. The return of Christ and the Kingdom of God
Day of the Lord
The return of Christ
The Kingdom of God
The reign of Christ
“The renewal of all things” (Acts 3:21), restitution
Gathering to heaven
The division into “sheep and goats” (Matthew 25:31-46)
The millennial reign of Christ
The betrothal and marriage of the Lamb
Knowledge of Jesus about “the day and the hour” and the knowledge of the Watchtower Society

Appendix 1. Changed teachings in the new editions of publications
Appendix 2. Warning and reservations of the Watchtower Society
Appendix 3. Photocopies of the Watchtower Society publications proclaiming the end of the world in the 20th century
Appendix 4. New teachings introduced in the first half of 2016

poprzednia część nastepna część

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